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August 19, 2011
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Name: Kouta Hindouri
Place of birth: Feudal Japan
Age: 14
Race: half dog-demon, half human.
Eye Color: amber
Hair Color: white
Parents: dad died a month after he was born, mom died when he was four
Siblings: Inuyahsa and Sesshomaru
weapon of choice: Tegsaiga.

Personality: Kouta is a loyal, caring, and determined boy. Who would risk his own life to help a friend.

     When Kouta was eight years old he and his older brother Inuyasha were travelling the countryside in search of a magical stone called the sacred jewel. They came to the village where it was said to be protected by a priestess named Kykio. Kouta wondered off into the woods near the village. after all he didn't have any need for the sacred jewel, his brother was the one who wanted it. While in the woods he was attacked by a demon. He tried to fight it but it was too powerful. when the demon was about to throw the finishing blow he fell into a well that he later figures out is called the bone eater's well(The bone eater's well is a portal between the feudal era and the present).
     Kouta fell for what felt like hours to him. He finally landed at at what he thought to be the bottom of  the same well, but boy was he wrong(actually he was right... but it was way in the future so he didn't know). He pulled himself out of the well and say that he was in what looked like a shrine. he walked out of the shrine and boy was he amazed. Everything around him was totally different from the place where he fell. Then he saw some woods behind a huge building. He went into the woods hoping that he would find his brother. But instead of finding his brother, he found a human girl crying. he walked up to her and asked her why she was crying. The human girl didn't even look up at him, but she told him. they started talking(I really don't want to go through the whole conversation, so i'm skipping to the end of it). "So why are you here," Shimi asked?(Oh i forgot to minsion the girl's name is Shimi. Kouta found that out during the conversation.) Kouta tells her the whole story( surprisingly she believes him). "O.K. then I have an idea. why don't you come live with me and my family until we can find you a way to get you back home," Shimi said with enthusiasium. Kouta agreed.


     Kouta had to adjust to living in the present or the future as he called it. he had to go to school, he wasn't allowed to fight, and he had to where a hat all the time to hid his ears.
     It was actually on his way home from school that he smelled him. His brother, Inuyasha was here in the present/future. The thing he didn't understand was why was Inuyasha's scent coming from the direction of his house. That's when he realized that Shimi and her family live right next to that shrine where he came into this time. He started running. Running as fast as he could(which i might add he wasn't allowed to do because it attracted to mush attention). Shimi called after him. But she realized it was no use, so she ran after him.
     Kouta ran past his house. the scent was coming from the house next door, the one the shrine owners lived in. Kouta stopped at the front door. he knew he couldn't just barge into the house, so he knocked. Kagome, a girl who was in Shimi's class but was missing a lot, answered the door. "Oh hi Kouta, how are you, do you need something," Kagome asked? "Umm yea, i was wondering if i you could help me with some homework. i would ask Shimi but she's busy. She told me to come ask you. So can you," Kouta asked(Kouta is really good at coming up with excuses on the spot)? Kagome laughed. "Sure Kouta, but I don't know how much help I'll be. Just wait downstairs while i get somethings that might help." "thanks Kagome." Kouta walked inside, and went strait the the living room, where Inuyasha's scent was coming from. To his great joy, Inuyasha was there laying down on the ground playing with Kagome's cat. Kouta couldn't speak, not only did he not know what to say, he was too happy to speak. He sat down on the couch and watched his brother play with the cat. Inuyasha looked over his shoulder at Kouta staring at him. "What are you staring at kid," Inuyasha asked rudely? Kouta just smiled. Inuyasha was the exactly the same, he hadn't changed at all. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes at Kouta, then sniffed the air. Inuyasha's eyes widened. as he realized who's scent he was smelling. he got up and walked over to Kouta and just stood there for a second then said. "Is that you, Runt?" Kouta looked at his brother and smiled. "Yea, it's me. i thought i'd never see you again." Kouta got up and looked at his brother, not only did he act the same, he looked exactly the same too.

O.K. i know this was long and i'm sorry for that. i just couldn't stop but to make it simple Kouta lived in the present/future for nine years until he finally went back to his time with His brother and Kagome.
My latest and main OC. Hope you like him. disclaimer: i did not draw the picture
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Love the story. The pic is beautiful! <3
As for it being long I was sad that it ended. I would SOO love to read a story with him!!!
thanks ^.^ i'm actually about to write one!
I will definitely be keeping my eye out for that one! Haven't even written it and you already have one person looking forward to reading it! Lol :love:
No pressure though ^_^ lol
i like the story and the picture! VERY nice
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